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Spicing up your sex life: When sex turns out not so great.

Spicing up your sex life is a great way to get out of the daily routines of sex.

By Jon Gammon, | July 1, 2005.

There are many complaints from couples, mostly women, that suggest that their relationships are suffering in the sexuality department. They can range from lack of attention, to just plain not getting it done in the bedroom. What can one do about this dilemma? It is clear that the man in the relationship usually wants to please his significant other, so what is it that turns the woman away from the man, or vise versa?

We will look a little deeper into the issues that surround couples who are suffering in the sexuality department of their relationship.

Men in the relationship are hard noise, get the job done, and don’t ask questions along the way. I admit it, I am one of those guys. However, when it comes to my wife, I have always put her above all the rest, and placed her high on a cloud, because that is where she belongs. When she isn’t in my arms, of course.

Well, one of the many complaints from women is that their husband doesn’t have intimacy and tenderness. Women love to be held, touched, romanced, and caressed, it is the one thing that makes them feel special in their relationship. Doing the little things is what shows a woman, that you do have a heart, and are not just in it for sex.

So what does one do to bring this aspect back into your love life. One little phrase comes to mind that sums it all up. “Do onto Others, as You would have done onto You!” Isn’t that the best. If you want to be held, then hold your partner, if you want to be caressed, then caress your partner, and if you want to be romanced, then you got it, romance your partner. Who said that it had to be one sided. He will get the picture, and start reciprocating the emotion.

There is another very common complaint from women, and that is that sex is getting too repetitious and perhaps boring. Believe me, it is so easy to fall into this trap, especially in relationships that have lasted more than 10 years. It is so easy to get caught into a sexual routine, same time, same way, and yes same place. The place part bothers me a little, we do have children, and making love outside the bedroom, is sort of out of the question. But the other factors can help influence the routine some.

Variety here is the key to success, spicing up your sex life is a great way to get out of the daily routines of sex. My opinion? Go sex toy shopping. I too was skeptical in the beginning, but now it makes things so much more interesting. And once you get those creative juices flowing, the routine will be changed and you have brought back the spark in your relationship.

The last big complaint that women have when their sex isn’t good, is the all powerful Foreplay. There are a few articles on this site that will help you out in the foreplay department. Foreplay doesn’t mean just oral sex. Foreplay can start in the early morning right before heading off to work, and it can work it’s way all the way into the evening if it is done right.

Women need and desire foreplay, because they are emotional creatures. Their minds feed on the passion of knowing what they may or may not be getting later on after a nice quiet evening. Foreplay is the key to helping a woman become sufficiently aroused before intercourse begins. This will also help her achieve her special feeling during intercourse.

So I will close on one important fact. Communication with your partner is the key to bringing the satisfying sexual relations back into your relationship. Knowing your partners needs will greatly improve your relationship and bring yourselves closer to intimacy, the way it should be.

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Jon Gammon is the author and webmaster at Sex Toy Alley, visit the site to view other relevant topics and reviews on the wonderful world of sex.

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