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If You Want to Build Sexual Desire in a Relationship Watch This!

Sexual desire and the role of sex and eroticism in making and breaking intimate relationships

By Lewis Howes, February 3, 2016

Esther Perel & Lewis Howes

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Show notes:

Yes, we are talking about relationships again on The School of Greatness. Partly because I love learning as much as possible about how to create and maintain healthy, amazing relationships (and I need a lot of coaching in my love life). But partly because I heard today’s guest speaker at Summit at Sea in November and I knew I had to have her on the podcast.

Esther Perel is a world-renowned relationship therapist, bestselling author, and sought-after speaker who has focused her career on exploring the role of sex and eroticism in making and breaking intimate relationships. She has an incredible world-view of relationships in many different cultures, which has allowed her to see what works and what doesn’t on a bigger level.

I asked her a ton of questions in our interview and she had answers. You may already have set ideas about what intimate relationships should look like, but I know you’ll get some new perspective from listening to this interview. Get ready to get vulnerable with yourself as you take a look at your relationships in Episode 285 with Esther Perel.

Time Stamps:
1:44 Esther speaks on her Family’s history and struggles
7:01 Esther speaks on her Inspiration for her book/ Clinton Scandal
12:04 What goes wrong in relationships?
17:47 The History behind sexuality and desire
20:48 How to keep desire in a relationship
25:51 Experience love and desire at the same time
29:10 How to keep a relationship strong
34:55 History of Marriage
38:04 4 Pillars in Modern Relationships
40:20 Modern Love: Tradition and Innovation
43:02 Couples Retreat
44:57 Divorce: Take Away the Concept of Failure
51:46 LAT: Living Apart Together
53:10 Monogamy is the new frontier
58:51 Era of fulfillment and personal happiness
1:00:53 Choose Your Partner
1:03:20 How to Have a Thriving Relationship
1:06:46 Final Questions

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