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Free Erotic Stories to Download

Free Erotic Stories from the Erotic Tales Collection

10 short story ebooks to download from the Erotic Tales Collection. The free erotic stories are are all text in pdf format, so you can read discretely anywhere, anytime. Just fill in the form below then click “Continue” to go to the download page.

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Read Excerpts here.

The Promise
Cast-away with a man who won’t have sex, what’s a girl to do?

Blind Lust
Anonymity changes people, even a woman as shy as Glenda.

Sweet Deception
When it comes to sex, it can be hard to know just who is leading who.

Sensual Journey
Some men love exploring every curve and crevice.

Sex Scam
Alien visitors try to make sense of the sexual ways of earthlings.

Magic Touch
Will Nurse Sally’s simple but daring therapy save the patient?

Strawberry Sunday
Jonathon loves strawberries. Emmy loves oral sex.

Poor Liana must endure hour after hour of erotic pleasure.

Pleasure Peak
Beneath the ancient erotic monolith, it’s time for the orgy to begin.

Training Charlie
Charlie has much to learn. Jill is keen to teach him.

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