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Blind Lust - erotic short story

Blind Lust
Anonymity changes people, even a woman as shy as Glenda.

Excerpt: Were they undressing him yet? Had they actually – started? There was no harm in finding out, was there? Glenda moved forward. Her thigh bumped a naked buttock. Her body recoiled instinctively but her hand continued forward and down …

Lollipop - erotic short story

Poor Liana must endure hour after hour of erotic pleasure.

Excerpt: Every curve of her bronze skin exudes sensuality. Her Polynesian eyes are as black as her hair. Its rich tresses swirl about on the sofa while she squirms voluptuosly with her knees drawn up and apart.

Magic Touch - erotic short story

Magic Touch
Will Nurse Sally’s simple but daring therapy save the patient?

Excerpt: “You get off that poor man this minute, or I’ll -“
“No!” Sally was defiant. “No way! I’m gonna make him come.”
… Soon, a crowd of nurses and interns had gathered in the room.

Pleasure Peak - erotic short story

Pleasure Peak
Beneath the ancient erotic monolith, it’s time for the orgy to begin.

Excerpt: Someone lifted her leg to suck her toes. A big hand raised her other leg, then both tongues licked light from her ankles along her calves to the backs of her knees … The tongues continued slow along the backs of her thighs …

Sensual Journey - erotic short story

Sensual Journey
Some men love exploring every curve and crevice.

Excerpt: Lindy shivered. Barely touching the skin, his tongue teased down her backbone, over one buttock, one thigh, the back of one knee, one ankle, one toe … Tentacles of need crept through Lindy’s body …

Strawberry Sunday - erotic short story

Strawberry Sunday
Jonathon loves strawberries. Emmy loves oral sex.

Excerpt: Jonathon gaped. On her back on the table lay Emmy. Except for the food adorning her body, she was naked. The candlelight dancing over her curves and contours created sensual highlights and shadows.

Sweet Deception - erotic short story

Sweet Deception
When it comes to sex, it can be hard to know just who is leading who.

Excerpt: She looks queer, right enough, but lovely as a buttercup. I start plucking them out, the burrs, and then I pretend I’ve only now noticed the damp groove along the middle of her breeches. “What have we here?” says me, touching her sticky thigh.

Sex Scam - erotic short story

Sex Scam
Alien visitors try to make sense of the sexual ways of earthlings.

Excerpt: “But something must be done. The sweet things have such an appetite for sex, they can find little time to cook our meals and sew our robes and raise our children.”
“And what an appetite it is!” The tall one spread his hands then clasped them in front.

The Promise - erotic short story

The Promise
Cast-away with a man who won’t have sex, what’s a girl to do?

Excerpt: The warmth, the rhythm of the sea, the constantly blue sky, the natural beauty, the peace and quiet, the sensuality of being naked all day – Abbie loved it. She would have been happy to stay there forever except for one thing …

Training Charlie - erotic short story

Training Charlie
Charlie has much to learn. Jill is keen to teach him.

Excerpt: He did not seem to know how to respond, but Jill knew the response in his pants would be substantial. She reached under the table. Her fingers stroked, then squeezed firmly. “That is what a man wants, isn’t it?”

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