Erotic Tales
Erotic Tales

Vintage Erotica

Erotic art from around the world.

Erotica is clearly a passion shared by all (to some degree) from antiquity to the present and in every part of the world. The finest erotica truly is timeless and knows no national boundaries. Thankfully, for those of us who appreciate beautiful works of erotic art, there are collectable examples available of every vintage.

Vintage erotica from China, The Secret Dalliance.


Vintage erotica from India, A Bull Elephant with Many Females.


World Art Erotica is a virtual museum of cultural and historical erotic art and literature from around the world. The unique collection includes vintage erotica from ancient Egypt, Japan, India, France, Victorian England, Germany and many other countries.

Oeuvres Libres, vintage erotica from France.


Erotica from Pompeii, vintage 70 A.D.


A small membership fee gives you royalty-free access to view and download hundreds of images from the museum collection for your own private or commercial use. Many classic erotica images can be downloaded directly and printed out for framing.

World Art Erotica also addresses social issues including: sexual liberation, multiculturalism, freedom of expression, art therapy, positive cultural or historical sexual teachings.

Included in the cost of your membership is membership to the Ethical Eropreneur, a website that explores working with sex in ways that are healing and beneficial to society.
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Julia from Domai. Natural young women photographed superbly.

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