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Erotic Tales

Erotic Clothing

Is your love life about as sexy as peeling the spuds? C'mon, you know what to do. Slip into some sexy lingerie, rub in some aromatic oils, try out a few erotic sex toys. Also be sure to check out the Ultimate Personal Body Shaver for women and men.


Erotic Clothing for women

Everyone knows good sex is all about communication. If you just want a cuddle stick to your flannelette pyjamas. If you want action, sexy lingerie sends the message load and clear. Visit Erotic Tales online sex toy store.


Erotic Clothing for men

What about an erotic g-string or a leopard pattern brief or a g-string and skimpy loin cloth? Hey. Sexy lingerie is not just for women. This stuff's really masculine. Visit Erotic Tales online sex toy store.

Erotica 1800s

Vintage Erotica

For vintage erotica movies, antique photos, vintage erotic art, erotic novels and stories visit Delta of Venus.

Julia from Domai. Natural young women photographed superbly.

Tasteful Nudes

If you marvel at the natural beauty of the nude female body you'll love Domai. There's nothing explicit or suggestive, just natural young women photographed superbly. Visit

France. Oeuvres-libres

Erotic Collectables

World Art Erotica has beautiful erotic art from around the world including ancient Egypt, Japan, India, France, Victorian England and Germany. Visit World Art Erotica.